pjMe began in the bedrooms of two Australian sisters, Veena and Mithra. Hailing from the suburbs of Melbourne, the duo share a love of travel, adventure and fashion. Best known for their contagious laughter, they get along effortlessly. ​ ​

Having tired of working in the corporate sector, ​​they decided to put their careers on hold, to pursue their passion for fashion. ​ ​

During their travels, they struggled to find sleepwear suitable for the worldly woman. ​

Sleepwear shouldn't just be pinks and pastels, covered in kitsch slogans like 'Sleep like a Goddess' or 'Sexy time is bedtime'. Why settle for cutesy animal and floral prints befitting a toddler? ​

There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfy under the duvet. Nighties that don’t move with your body, straps that always slip off your shoulders, items made from cheap, unbreathable fabrics that don't justify their luxury price tags.

These sisters are now your designers.
They provide nightwear that matches your daytime sense of style. They create with bright colours, bold prints and modern silhouettes in comfortable cottons and silks. ​

Sleepwear that doesn't need covering up. ​

Sleepwear to be worn in a dorm room, hotel suite or whilst lounging around with friends.

Sleepwear that doubles as daywear for those sneaky trips outside - to the letterbox, grocery store or just simply when you open the frontdoor to collect a delivery! ​

Sleepwear at an affordable price.

pjMe is the answer to your sleepwear desires, putting style back into your bedtime, for women who dare to live the dream.