Design Ethos


100% natural fabrics

Why do hospitals wrap newborn babies in cotton blankets and not synthetics? ​

Because nature knows best when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Natural fabrics have unique moisture-absorbing abilities whilst also allowing ventilation through the fabric to dry any dampness. That's why wearing a cotton shirt or silk dress can be comfortable even on a hot day.

Our lightweight cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics in the world. The soft weave allows a little airflow to keep your body cool during sweaty nights, dry heat and humidity. It’s perfect just the way it is, so we don’t blend it with anything else. Just 100% cotton.

Silk is also a moisture-wicking and ventilating fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable in any climate, all year round. It’s a natural hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract dust mites, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin types.

We use 100% silk charmeuse because the charmeuse weave (the particular way in which the silk threads are looped together) makes our fabric feel buttery soft and luxurious. It has a gentle sheen and glides against the skin to make every garment look and feel luxurious.

Modern silhouettes

Comfort shouldn’t come at the cost of style.

So we’ve taken the best parts from those ugly, but super comfortable oversized t-shirts and grandma nighties and re-imagined them into modern silhouettes.

We have created a structured fit that allows movement without compromising on style.


Did you know that 41% of people prefer to sleep in the fetal position?

It’s the most common sleeping position according to a survey by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. So it’s clear that sleepwear needs to move with your body. Whether you sleep like a foetus, a log, or a starfish, or even if you constantly toss and turn around in bed, your sleepwear should not restrict your movement and disturb your sleep.

We have thoughtfully crafted wider armholes, loose sleeves and a lowered inner-leg seam to ensure freedom of movement in our shirts, shorts and pants.

Our necklines are not so high that they choke, and also not so low or plunging that they’ll cause a wardrobe malfunction.

Our nighties and tops have been designed with wider straps that won’t slip off your shoulders.

We’ve also limited the number of trimmings and embellishments on all our garments, so you won’t feel the rough edges of a piece of lace or metal clasp against your body.

Our handcrafted buttons are slim-line and lightweight so you won’t feel them, regardless of your sleeping position.

Bright colours & bold prints

Why can’t sleepwear reflect your daytime sense of style?

Our designs use the same colour palette from your daytime wardrobe, with bold prints that are chic and modern. We avoid cutesy animal prints, kitsch slogans and excessive use of pink, pastel or floral motifs.

There is no reason for sleepwear to look dreary, so we use bright colours to inject some personality into our designs.

Sleepwear never looked so on-trend.


Our designs reflect the increasingly blurred boundaries between work, travel and play. pjMe sleepwear is designed to be flexible. It’s sleepwear that can be worn outdoors, in public.

Whilst many designers make this claim, it’s rarely true because most sleepwear still looks like traditional sleepwear. pjMe looks different. The bright colours and modern silhouettes aren’t typical of nightwear.

Our sleepshirts and nighties convert into day dresses when paired with heels or flat sandals. Our silk robe converts into a stylish jacket that can be worn with jeans or tailored pants. Our sleeveless tops double as day/night blouses.

With pjMe sleepwear, you won’t need to cover up or change your clothes to head outdoors.

So whether you’re on holiday with friends and need something stylish to wear in your shared hotel room, or if you simply need to head outdoors to grab a coffee and can’t be bothered changing out of your nightie, you’ll never look out of place in pjMe.